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Are we all competing to look happier?

Happiness is a state when we are satisfied with our lives and we feel it’s as good as it can be.

Its a pure energy that is contagious and spread positivity wherever it goes.

It is indeed a blessing in disguise which we may not realize when we have it but its importance is felt only when its taken away.

Where some try to find it in materialistic things others in the little things.

It means different for different people. But the saddest part is People have turned this too, into materialistic possessions that not all can afford.

Thus, today we are not only pretending to be happier but also competing who is best at it.

Now let me give you some examples.

1. Posting things on Social Media what we are not

2. Buying materialistic stuff just too show off

3. Clicking pictures in which we are allowed or obliged to express only a single emotion i.e. happiness

and there sure are many more.

And in all of this it doesn’t matter how much of our mental peace is getting disturbed due to the judgmental world and societal pressure.

Now, the question lies WHY people do this?

There are two possible explanations

1. Hiding misery so as to not want to gain sympathy

2. Jealous because some people can’t stand others happiness

And you gotta admit that

Instead it leaves a bigger vain in people who are just pretending ’cause they don’t really have what is called one of the main reasons to live.

Also, competing for it won’t let you celebrate the happiness you have and it will make you go to find a chase way.

And you too, will lose yourself and the meaning of “your” happiness in this “rat race”.

“Remember the last time you were genuinely happy and the reason behind it”

I know happiness is a hard conquest in the present scenario, But giving a try is worth it for the sake of one’s own good.

For starters, try small like watching memes or listening to music.

So, what do you think that are we all really competing with each other to look happier? Tell me in the comment section below.

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