Charming, Compelling, Confident and Clear, Celebs have become an unavoidable and undeniable part of our lives.

From the Oscar’s red carpet to the grocery store checkout lines, celebrity obsession is everywhere.

Undoubtedly, they look a piece of cake that we want to take a bite from.

But treating them as a human brand, who ought to be the perfect character having the perfect life as they are portrayed is impractical.

We indeed look upon them due to various different reasons such as they are people at the top with power or money, we all want to live a different and better life, we love gossip etc.

In short, we love them because they fulfill our desires. And put them on the pedestal, and give them God like stature.

Often, they are not admired for what they did in the world or how they helped humanity.

But how many times the media and pressed mentioned them, and how many likes they have on their social media accounts.

But, the strange thing is that if they fall, their misfortune gives us a hot food for gossip, even if we admired, adored, and idolized them. And that is a sad thing. Of course, they can/do commit crime, sin, act like they are not supposed to, fall or even fail.

Some confessions from famous celebrities about the downside of being one are:

Daniel Radcliffe: People Will Boo You, Even if You're a Child
Billie Eilish: You're Basically Miserable Half of the Time

For more confessions, that will make you never want to be famous click here

Normalize it and stop unnecessarily exaggerating things when its honestly none of your business and their life choices which aren’t affecting you.  Allow them to open up, so they become more of a real person than what we as a society except them too.

Beneath all the star dust, they with same skin lie as the rest of us.

What are your opinions on Celebrities: Human By Default? Tell me in the comment section below.

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