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Few decades ago, there came a day which was awaited for a long time. The day was when our constitution was formed.

After, years of discussion, months of arguments and hours of paperwork. The dream was realized true and gave new hope and meaning to life for many.

But the saddest part was the paperwork existed in those papers only.

The vision was beautiful but it was never executed in true manner. That lead to the mess of everything.

We are used to being hypocrites.

For once, I want You to go through our Preamble and analyze how much of it in true sense is executed.

We know we can achieve
the dreams we are dreaming now and dreamt decades ago. The history has the proof of our greatness and the power. Remember “The Golden Bird”

But it is also true that people who can make a change, some misuse it and some don’t get a chance for whatsoever reason.

I know there are many factors that the government has to deal with and all can’t happen in one night.

But US

Also, just doing the solutions that the majority supports isn’t correct. Instead, look for feasible and innovation solutions.

We can only be back that “Aatmanirbhar Bharat” when we do our part correct and give
support to those who actually need.

Supporting people in need doesn’t necessarily mean giving but also taking. For instance, we can implement a policy for beggars to work as laborer’s and in return we provide them money. That’s a feasible solution for both parts.

For more innovative ideas, listen to the people, have polls with why they stand for a particular idea and go with the correct and good measures to decide.

Trust me, the normal people actually facing real life problems know better than you do.

Many have ideas just give us the correct platform. From ‘us’ I mean the younger generation because the future belongs to us.

And we too have the right to decide what is correct and more efficient for us.

For your children and grandchildren and for us.

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