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It is often said that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. But what about all play and no work? We all love gaming(I personally do),after all it gives us rest from our daily routine work. Also it helps us cope up with stress and establish teamwork.

It has been a long journey, from gaming to Online Gaming all thanks to the advent of newer technology. It has grown rapidly in the past century. And is an escape for a player from actual world to virtual world.

They can range from board to arcade to simulation and much more. What a comfort it is sitting on that comfy chair and playing world class games with worldwide players. Also, in this coronavirus pandemic it has become our life savior.

I know that online gaming has many benefits like it makes one mentally active but what about physically? I know it makes one socially active by interacting with worldwide players but what about the people waiting for you to get off that PC or Mobile and spend some quality time with them?

It has not only made people lethargic in nature but also Its addiction can affect eyesight negatively, resulting sometimes to insomnia. It can make the gamers forget difference between Games(Fantasy) and Reality. Also, how can we forget the BlueWhale which was the reason of deaths of hundreds of innocent young people.

I can tell these all are true because I used to be a gamer when I was a little younger and have gone through the impacts of it. Games are not bad but too much of it is.

Therefore, Online Gaming should be supervised by the guardians. The supervision must include the time and type of game playing by young people. Also, there should be a balance between the actual world and the virtual world. The virtual space is part of actual world but not the actual world.

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