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The cost of growing up that no one tells you

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“Are you still in touch with them?” asked my only friend who belonged to the same city as mine; pointing to one of those many pictures of the good old days. It was the picture of my last day of Hostel Life.

A thousand memories, hundred flashbacks, a couple of promises and a dozen of emotions took over me, by just seeing that one picture.But I chose to remain silent and somehow managed to fake a smile.

That’s the thing about growing, and the sacrifices we make to sustain it.

You have to leave behind the people once dear to you now only strangers.

Not because they were toxic but because we have to choose a different path than they did.

And New Path = New life, New Dreams, New Adventures but also New people.

It doesn’t matter how bad you want them. Everyone has their different roles to play and different paths to choose.

And with growing up, you have to accept that.

Even though, they never really go away from you even when they are gone, neither you want it.

But gradually and slowly, little by little they fade away, with us getting busy in our daily schedules with new people.

But they are a part of us forever, which we take with us wherever we go.

And its powerful as healing because you know somebody cares for you out there and you are blessed to have them.

This is to those, distant from us but always close to heart.

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Lets take a moment to remember them!

Now, go tell us in the comment section below about the part which you hate the most about growing up.

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