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Reasons why patience is bad

They say all good things come to those who wait.

Guess than, I , actually many of us will never be the one among them.

Since, we are the people who smash their mouse buttons when we have slow internet connection or get irritated by all irrelevant to be specific stupid things.

Its a phrase commonly used but followed by almost null.

After all, its 21st century.

Its like waiting, that someday all genders will be treated equally or corruption to end.

And we all know that won’t happen if we don’t make an effort

Life is a marathon, but whether you define success by recognition, respect, money, power or fame it boils down to Ambition, Vision, Determination, Execution, Luck and Timing.

In other words, success doesn’t fall in your lap; never has, never will. Besides, life’s too short, so don’t sit back.

And make things happen.

Well, I know we can’t do everything by ourselves and we have to wait for them to happen but we can try in the while. Since, God only help those who help themselves.

So keep in mind, Action and Patience are the two components of responding and acting on any situation, negotiation or even relationship. So be careful, when to use what.

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